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Kiwi Parking now offers central Auckland based storage facilities. This facility is based in Grafton, and offers a premium location for the storage or large vehicles, cars, trucks, boats etc. Our facility is completely safe and secure, whilst offering competitive pricing. 

  • Camper van/Recreational Vehicles

  • Boats/Marine Equipment

  • Trucks/Vans

  • Trailers

  • Recreational Equipment

  • Cars

  • Motorcycles

  • Bus

  • Vehicle Collections


23 Safe and Secure Bays

We offer 23 bays which can easily accomodate one or multiple vehicles, whether that be motor cycles, boats, cars, etc. 

Accessible Storage

The storage facility can be accessed at anytime throughout the week. The property is accessed through a rear entrance and is locked throughout the day for added safety.


Central and Safe

Inside the property has working, motion detection cameras. These cameras operate 24/7 and are directly connected with a range of security bodies and our head office for added security. 

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