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  • Can I lease more than one bay?
    Of course! As long as the car page allows you, you may rent as many as you like.
  • Can more than one person use my leased park?
    As many people as you like can use your bay. It is of utmost importance that you provide our team with registration plates prior to use, avoiding all means of enforcment.
  • Is there a minimum term to lease a car space?
    The minimum term for parking is just 1 month for the majority of sites. Parking sites which require a swipe key for access may generally be offered to those who can commit to longer periods.
  • Is my bay reserved?
    All of our car parking bays are offered on a reserved montly lease. Reserved bays are for the use of the lessor only, and are not subject to public parking.
  • What bay do I park in?
    Our dedicated team at Kiwi Parking will get in touch with a specific bay number and parking reservation.
  • Can I automatically renew my parking?
    Your order on our monthly parking website will work as an automatic monthly subscription where you'll be charged on a specific day each month. To cancel, just notify a member on our team before your next billing date and you will no longer be charged.
  • I have paid for a monthly reservation, when can I start parking?
    Once we have received confirmation on your payment, a member from our team will be in touch with a confirmation email including the following - start date, car park site, bay number and the car registration assigned to it. You should receive this within the same business day and hours of ordering, if not, please reach out with a message on the chat button in the bottom right. Please withhold from parking at the site until you have received this confirmation from Kiwi Parking.
  • I wish to cancel my monthly parking subscription.
    Thank you for choosing to park with Kiwi Parking. Please leave us a message in our chat or email us on outlining that you would like to cancel your monthly parking, followed by the details of your parking i.e. where you parked, bay number and car registration number.
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